Jeremy Ahouse

I first came to Aikido in College in Berkeley California in the early 1980s and have been training on and off since. I trained at Northeast Aikikai and at Northeast Aikikai's Brandeis group when I was in graduate school. My training increased in focus in the last 5 years and I have been a member of Mill City Aikido since its founding.

My path to Aikido has been through ukemi, the art of receiving. I had the experience of getting hurt and having to stop practicing a number of times. When I returned to Aikido a few years ago, I was determined not to let injuries derail me. After Ellis Amdur taught an ukemi seminar at Methuen a few years ago, I wanted to share this approach with others. I taught an ukemi class at Mill City for a couple of years and I still offer occasional seminars and blog on the subject.

I have also helped Kim Kinnear Sensei with the Youth program in the past.

Outside the dojo I am father to four wonderful children and married to my lovely partner, Sarah. I work with companies engaged in scientific research collaborations.

Jeremy Ahouse

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