Snow Policy


If an Aikido class at Mill City Aikido is to be cancelled due to snow, you can look on our web site 3 hours prior to an evening class or 2 hours prior to a noontime class or a weekend class. If you attend a particular class regularly, the instructor for that class will try to contact you by e-mail or phone if possible. You may, also, contact Kathy Fitzgibbon Sensei at 978-458-2011.



Each instructor will have the responsibility to determine whether to cancel your own class because of snow. The expectation is that it will be decided 3 hours prior to the evening classes and 2 hours before the noontime classes and the weekend classes. Please let Bill Bradbury know so that he may place an announcement on our web site. Kathy would appreciate it if you let her know as well. Also, because our dojo offers the personal touch, please try to contact the students that you think will attend your class. This can be done via e-mail or phone. If there is contact info that you need, either Kathy F. or Jerry Rogoff can help you with that. 

Additional information