Guidelines for Promotion

Kyu and Dan tests are conducted at Mill City Aikido.

The testing committee will schedule promotional tests at least twice a year. The committee will publish testing dates at least one month prior to the test. Students interested in testing should notify the testing committee at least 2 weeks prior to the test date. Members of the testing committee may also invite students to test based on the following criteria:

  • Number of hours trained since the last promotional exam.
  • Proficiency in the art at a level expected for the next rank.
  • Some ranks have additional requirements, such as attendance at seminars or instructor seminars for Dan ranks. These additional requirements are listed on the Mill City Aikido Testing Requirements.The testing committee will assign one or more senior students to help the student prepare for the test. A member of the testing committee, or the assigned senior student, will observe the student in a mock test prior to the actual test and assess the student's readiness to test. If a student is deemed not ready for the test, the testing committee will advise the student to wait until the next scheduled test.

The testing committee will meet immediately after a test to decide whether or not to promote each student.

For each student who is promoted, the committee will identify any areas in which the student needs additional work. The committee will communicate this information to the instructors who typically teach the student so these instructors can focus on those areas with the student. 
For each student who is not promoted, the committee will communicate to the student what was lacking in the test. The committee will work with the student and the student's instructors to aid the student's improvement in the specified areas.

The testing committee will post test results within 5 days after the test.

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